Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Right Thing

Has anyone ever told you that there is a lesson to be learned in every situation? Well of course a lesson can be learned in even the most minute of situations...but honestly we all know that there are certain scenarios where a lesson is truly learned. When we learn a lesson, what is it exactly that we learn? Sometimes we learn something about ourselves, or we learn the difference between right and wrong. Whatever we learn, some of the hardest lessons to swallow are those that teach us about human nature.

You see, humans are innately flawed. No one person is perfect, and as cliche as that is---there is a difference between being flawed, having faults, or being flawed, recognizing those flaws and faults and working on them. Then there is a horrible truth that we all realize at one point or another: Some people are just plain bad people. Now, this might be offensive and judgmental, but hear me out. It is easy to make bad choices and know that the choice we made is a bad one. However, it is when those choices are made, we realize that it is a bad choice---and it negatively affects others...that is what makes a bad person. We can laugh and joke that life is all about 'choices' and making the right ones. Yes...this is true. Some of our most questionable of decisions not only make the best stories...but also the deepest of lessons. Think about it. I went to school to be a teacher. I worked in the field for 2 years, and after a RIF and a part time position that resulted in full time work---I decided that teaching wasn't for me. I will never regret the choice to teach, nor will I regret leaving teaching....but I learned so much from that life. I will not regret the love I had for 6 years. It taught me what I will and will not accept in the future.

**sidebar: I do not think my ex is a bad much as it would help me move on.**

Bad people. They are all around us...and they are considered bad for different reasons. We all have a little glimpse of a 'bad person' in us. Regardless of that, some are able to disguise the bad person inside for some time. Others just let it out. The ones who are able to hide it are the most talented---and are often the most likable. They go about their daily lives craving to be a part of some facade or in-crowd. They strive to be that ultimate person...because deep down inside they have some sense of inadequacy of their own lives. They are, selfish and conniving...and just as quickly as they were one person, they can become another...for fear that they are no longer able to hide their inadequacies.

You see, I know someone like this. The funny thing about this person is that they are obsessed with having the best of both worlds. I've watched this person destroy everything that lies in their wake without evaluating the consequences. While I would love to go on....the purpose of this blog is for me to evaluate certain aspects of life. I just have one thought to leave you all with:

Yes, there are bad people. However when it comes to encountering bad people...the trick is learning how to play them like they play everyone else around them. In the end, someone, most likely exactly the right person...will point out that they aren't hiding their true selves very well. It will take the right person for this to happen. If you want that person to be you, here is the advice I can offer:

Sit back and watch that person make a complete fool of themselves. In the end...they'll have nothing left to hold on to. In the end, all backs will be turned....all those facades will be useless. That's the reward.

And you'll go to bed smiling.....


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