Thursday, January 10, 2013

Standing at a Crossroads

It's vacation time...and while it has been relaxing, I've been left to think for a good majority of the week. This state of thought has definitely left me in somewhat of a strange place. One that is nearly catatonic at times.

So right now I'm standing at a crossroads. There aren't two roads to choose from, like my dear friend Robert Frost once wrote. No. I have to make a conscious decision to either turn a cheek and continue on this path, which is self destructive at its best. I can walk down a different path that leads me to self discovery and improvement. I can just push everything away and let it be.....there are a so many ways I can turn.

So where do I go? Who do I need myself to be?

Here is what I can say about my future.

This girl will be on fire.


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