Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jump Back, Flash Forward

A little girl and a tall boy stand in a deserted street just after 1am.  It's one of those cold nights.  Not one where you can't stand outside for too long---no it's one of those damp, crisp cool nights.  Reminiscent of Friday Night Lights, and high school football.  You can see your breath, but there's something magical in the air.

On this particular night, there is both magic and sadness in the air.  The stars are shining brightly, clear as a pair of pristine diamond earrings.  She looks at him, tears in her eyes.  He looks at her, with shades of comfort behind his crystal blues.  A long, loving embrace is exchanged---and assurances that the time apart would go quickly.  She kisses him goodbye, and gets in her little red car....left to drive home and dream of the next time they meet.

Six Years Later

He loads her car up in the pouring rain.  Dog, duffel and all.  She stands there with tears in her eyes--and looks at him.  The stars are not shining.  He doesn't look at her.  In fact he avoids her stare, just so he doesn't have to feel what she's feeling.  He kisses her forehead, and walks away---shutting the door behind him.  She gets in her black car, left to drive back home---thinking of where she went wrong.
One Week Later

She loads her car duffel and all.  It's pouring rain, and again there are no stars.  Funny how Mother Nature seems to follow our feelings...almost as if we were caught in a movie. He isn't there. There are tears in her eyes, but he made sure he wasn't there to see them. She gets in her black car, left to drive back home again, thinking she was such a fool for believing in love.

1.5 Month(s) Later

She drives home listening to music.  It's one of those crisp cool nights.  She could see her breath when she walked to her car, but she wasn't sure there was something magical in the air.  She drives home, looking at the patchy sky dotted with stars.  How beautiful for a December.  As she parks in her old spot, she walks across the lawn---wishing he were there in the driveway waiting for her.  Alas, he is not, and the reality sets in yet again.  She curses her heart for wanting his love, for missing and loving him.  She applauds her brain for giving her strength to move on.

In the end, she's going to be okay--but for now, she's still a bit broken.   

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