Sunday, December 15, 2013

Little White Lies

This will be the last I write of this specific situation.  I'll close the chapter after this.

About an hour ago, I was informed that He Who Must Not Be Named is now engaged to the woman that he started dating 2 months after he broke my heart.


My reaction?  First I said some really inappropriate, really mean things that I won't repeat.  Then? Well, I stood in the shower for about 20 minutes and cried. I'm now sitting here---and after a few deep breaths, I'm okay.  Man, it stings, but I am okay.  As I've been told---everyone has to get their heart broken at least once in life.  It's something we all have to endure.  Maybe some people are lucky....maybe they don't have to get their heart(s) broken.  Either way, when mine was broken, it was based on the fact that the specific person involved didn't want to get married, and didn't want to have children.

I guess we all tell little white lies every once and a while.

I've got this.  I'll run a little faster tomorrow---and my skin will be a little bit thicker---because I deserve so much more than little white lies.