Sunday, September 15, 2013


50th blog posting. 50 observations/random thoughts/questions/offerings of wisdom for us all.  Take em' or leave' em!

1. The American public (these days) is very against smoking.  It's true that the harsh facts about the effects of smoking have come to light over the past 30 years.  It's just humorous when you watch movies about the 50's and 60's or from the 50's and 60's.  Everyone smoked...and no one cared. Reality kills....and does smoking.  Then again, I guess you can get cancer from standing in front of your that...

2.  When you turn 23 or 24, you will start to notice a lot changing in your life.  The biggest change you'll notice, is that every other Facebook post is about getting married or having children.  These are great things!  However, my favorite meme on Pinterest is currently: "All my friends are getting pregnant and I'm just over here with a bottle of vodka like 'No.'"  Perhaps we can attribute that to my current relationship status, or what I've been through this past year.  Either way, pretty hilarious.

3. Another completely funny and true saying from Pinterest: When one door closes and another one opens, it's time to pack up and move because your house is clearly haunted.

4. If you have a sibling, cherish them.  Even the smallest of moments are important--because blood is thicker than water.

5. Like I've said before. Life is all about choices and decisions. Choose wisely.

6. You don't like something about your life?  Evaluate and then change it.  Just know that change doesn't happen overnight. 

7. Waiting for the results that stem from making that change is the hardest part.  Patience is a virtue.  As cliche as it seems.

8.  Friends come and go.  You're stuck with your family forever. I know that sounds bad...but it isn't!  Wait until you have some kind of Earth-Shattering experience.  Take a look at who is by your side.

9. A mother's love is truly something to embrace.  For example, my mother recently told me that she didn't sleep for days when I went through the break-up with He Who Must Not Be Named.  She didn't sleep because she hurt for me.  That's a mother's love.  I also know she loves me, because she tells me I smell, and that I need to take a shower when I get home from the gym.

10. She also just told me that my sheets smell like dog.  Which is true---because I sleep in a twin-sized bed with a 70lb Doberman.  Go ahead, judge me.

11.   Honesty is always the best policy.

12.  It's easy to be a coward, because taking the easy way out is always less challenging than facing down the issue at hand.  Have you ever watched horror movies, or even Jurassic Park?  The cowards always get theirs in the end.  Man up.

13. That being said, I am still trying to decide if karma really is a bitch. I find myself sometimes making assumptions about individuals on the elevator at work.  Then I trip getting out of it.  So I guess karma probably does exist.  I am just not sure I'll get to witness the wrath of such on people who truly deserve it.

14.  Making mistakes in life is OK.  However, it's when you make a mistake so blatantly and blindingly obvious---that it could be unrepairable.  What's worse, is when you continue to do things to rub salt in the wounds that have been caused by your mistakes.  Even worse than that, is failing to accept that you are wrong.

15. Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  It's simple, and so so true.

16. As we age, we traditionally get married and have families.  When you make the commitment to someone, and when you choose to have children with someone--they become your world.  You don't have the right to be selfish anymore.  Thus, following selfish whims and childish fantasies makes you both selfish and irresponsible. 

17. What's done is done. Most of the time, your actions cannot be erased.  No matter what the effects of them were.

18. I made a joke earlier about one door closing and another one opening.  In all seriousness, the sentiment is very true. It's during those times when that door slams in your face--that you'll see who is there to help you turn around and walk away.

19.  Walking away is easier said than done.

20. It has been said that we grow wiser with age. However, in my experience, we grow more reckless with age. You know what? That's okay, because once you do decide to commit, it's a lot less easy to be reckless.  Although, please do be careful.  It's quite possible that James Dean met his untimely end by being a Rebel Without a Cause.

21.  Living healthy is all about making those damn choices I always reference.  You have to want it. If you truly want it, you'll make it happen.

22. Here's something I find true.  A person always has more sex appeal if they can drive stick shift.

23. If you're a man and you can't drive stick, then someone neglected you as a child.  Also, you should most likely put that on your list of things to learn.

24. Turbulence in an airplane isn't that scary.  I mean, if that plane drops out of the sky, you're probably not going to make it.  Moreover, I am pretty sure my heart would stop beating before impact.  So, in order to avoid chaos, just imagine you're on the Giant Drop at Six Flags Great America.  Then when you land, go get some cotton candy. 

25. I just took a break to go on Facebook.  Whilst browsing, I came across a status about the Miss America Contest---and participants being 100% American.  Yes, this is a given. However, as people responded she went on to say that 'It is completely unacceptable for an Indian/Asian to be one of the top finalists.' have to be white to win Miss America?  You're American if you're born here.  Then I remembered, this was one of my ignorant former students, from a town of 5 people, who is still in high school and THINKS she knows everything.  You stay classy, former student.  Your attitude will take you far in life.......(insert comment about fearing for the future here)

26. To that end, crack kills---and so does ignorance.

27.  When I was a junior in high school, our English Teacher, whom I admire very much to this day---warned us about the dangers of sitting on our mother's couch, eating potato chips.  While I don't eat potato chips (often), and I do have a job....I am back in my mother and father's house.  I sometimes wonder if that makes me a failure.  Then I remember that I do have the means to go wherever I want whenever I want.  I just choose not to.

28. I'd be lying if I said I STILL believe the Beatles when they said "All You Need is Love."  Really, all I need is a Miller Lite, and a quick verse of rapping Lil' Wayne's 6ft/7ft--and I'm good. 

29. I guess love isn't too bad of a thing either.  I feel a lot of it from my friends and family these days.  It's a different kind of love than I've been used to---but it's pure and honest.  That makes all the difference.

30. For the past month, a bird has shit on my car every single day---in the same place.  I've learned that parking my car just an inch further back than I used to helps.  However, I have also learned that it is socially acceptable to threaten their lives while small children are standing at the bus stop near by.  I mean, who doesn't need that laugh in the morning?  Also, when I say 'who' I mean me.  I need the laugh.  Pretty sure they think I'm insane.

31. People complain about their lives all of the time.  I am one of those people.  However, in my days of constant pondering, I have come to realize that there are some people out there who really do have it WAY worse.  I choose not to discuss these situations directly out of respect for those individuals involved.  Nevertheless, I've learned that sometimes, a child can be 100,000 times stronger than ANY adult is. 

32. Bravery, is staring death in the face while it laughs at you.  Taking bravery to the next level, is giving death the middle finger, all the while kicking it's ass. 

33. Kids are resilient, yes.  Even so, they remember everything, and when they grow up---there's a good chance they'll call you out on your mistakes. 

34. Even if you're female--you'll most likely have some of the same tendencies as your father.  Embrace those, because they'll make you smile at some point down the line.

35. Wear deodorant at the gym.  Please, for the love of God, never forget.  Everyone's workout will suffer if you fail to do so.

36. It's often the human tendency to tell yourself that you 'can't' do something.  Every single time you feel that tendency coming on, think about it long and hard.  You can pretty much do anything you put your mind to.  Even if it scares the hell out of you.

37. Jealousy is really ugly. Unfortunately we all fall victim to it.

38. Just because your parents love, support and nourish you---doesn't make you spoiled.

39. Before you judge someone, get all of the facts straight.  Lacking the facts is a surefire way for you to look like a big jackass.

40.  Stereotypes are often a quick way for you to make evaluations about people that are in certain situations.  I've done that before.  Believe me, don't do it.  You end up being perceived as shallow, cold and callous.

41. How do you tell someone (in a nice way) that they have really bad breath?  Do you beg them to take a stick of gum?  Offer them a mint?  Someone please tell me---because I've tried these things--and it doesn't work. 

42. Always be mindful of the way you treat people.  You never know, that person could be your boss someday.

43. You don't always get what you think you deserve.  Everything comes in good time, and not always in the order in which you desire.  To that end, sometimes you get just what you deserve---and what you get might not be exactly what you like, or want.

44.  Marilyn Monroe was a very famous person.  She made money, and lost money.  She had the looks, the men and the fame; yet she didn't have happiness.  It's sad someone so beautiful and talented thought so little of her own life.  That just goes to show you: money, beauty and fame aren't everything.

45. Someone once told me not to run away from my past, but to turn around, stare it in the face and beat the shit out of it.  She's pretty much right about most things, so I think I'll try that this week.

46. Someday, I want to anonymously buy a soldier's meal. 

47. You can never go wrong with paying it forward.

48. Reading a book is always better than watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  While they're entertaining in their own right, a book will always give you more.

49. Never sell yourself short.  Even if you can't beat the crap out of something, make them think you can.  They say it's better to be feared than admired.  Or is that the other way around?  Either way---don't let them know your weaknesses.  Stay strong.

50. I could end this with something about following your dreams and all that jazz.  While it's always good to do so---sometimes you have to let go and fly by the seat of your pants to really get the most out of life.  We really never know exactly where we're going---and that's what makes this life beautiful.


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